Twist 650mAh E-Cigarette Battery


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Twist 650mAh E-Cigarette Battery

  • Self Locking Function
  • LED BatteryPower Indicator
  • Custom Built Battery Protection System
  • Variable Voltage
  • The iBreathe Twist 650mAh Battery is perfect for any iBreathe Atomisers. It give you choice of power output to the nearest 0.1V. Control The Output to whatever Volatge you want from 3.2V to a massive 4.8V! The beauty about the twist is its ease of use, making it extremely convenient!

    Not only is this Twist 650mAh battery a very efficient performer, it also comes with a battery power protection system to ensure, even if you leave the battery on charge, there will be absolutely no danger of overheating. All iBreathe batteries are equipped with the Battery Power Protection System (BPPS)Safety and Satisfaction for our customers who use our products is our foremost concern.

    Through rigorous testing and feedback from our customers we are one of the top 3 e-cigarette suppliers in the UK!

    Getting started -

    5 Continuous clicks will turn on the battery. To increase the power, turn the dial left and set to your desired setting.

    It is as easy as that.PLEASE NOTE - When at the highest Volatge (4.8V), do not hold on to the Power button for more than 10 seconds when drawing on the e-cigarette.The general rule is, the higher the output the cloudier the vape.

    Charging Instruction -

    When Plugged into the mains, the LED ring will flash 3 times and the chargers light indicator will turn RED. When the LED indicator turns GREEN, charging is complete.

    Please note - Once set up with the tank, the Button must be held down while drawing on the e-Cigarette and released once your draw is complete.

    • Battery Specification
    • Battery Capacity: 650 mah
    • Working Voltage 3.2v-4.8v
    • Charging Voltage 4.2v
    • Battery Life above 300 times recyling use
    • Charging Time: 2-3 hours

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